"I highly recommend any organization to invest in this training if they want to genuinely take their leadership to the next level!"


"Jongla on suomalainen mobiiliviestintään erikoistunut startup-yritys. Hyvä kommunikaatio on keskeistä luodessamme uusia palveluja kansainvälisen tiimin kanssa. Hyödynnämme PCM mallia johtamisessa, tiimityöskentelyssä, rektytoinnissa ja palvelumuotoiluun liittyvissä tehtävissä. Olemme olleet erittäin tyytyväisiä ja voimme suositella valmennuksia myös sinun yrityksellesi."


Riku Salminen CEO, Jongla

Kansainvälisiä referenssejä

"The Process Communication Model is a powerful tool for various activities.Throughout all my career as a pilot and astronaut, my life has always been literally in the hands of my team. Having a tool like PCM allow a great communication efficiency, which is one of critical points for team working".



Astronaut & Cosmonaut (Soyuz TMA 8 - ISS Expedition 13 –2006)

Certified Trainer by Kahler Communication Brasil, Sept. 2016

"My PCM experience was hugely useful in helping me manage

the film making journey over six years. It's been such a valuable tool!"



Producer, Pixar Animation Studios



"Taibi Kahler is a genius. He knows more about personality dynamics than anyone I know in the world."


Former President Bill Clinton



"The Process Communication Model® provides a framework for evaluating the information one wishes

to communicate and the best means for doing so with various recipients of that information. I look forward to many years of making use of what I have learned."


Hillary Rodham Clinton



"Ever since been introduced to PCM I have been able to develop my communications and people skills to a higher level. As a communications professional PCM for me is tool to be used especially in challenging communications situations and at times when I need to have a maximum impact. What makes it stand out from other models is that I have enjoyed its benefits in all areas of life."


Pia Heikkurinen

The Finnish School of Shanghai, Chairman



"As an interested observer and sometime participant in the field, it seems to me that you offer promise of far greater utility than Myers-Briggs or any other personality assessment instrument I have seen."


General Wesley K. Clark

U.S., Army Commander in Chief of NATO and European Forces (ret.)








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